27 November 2010

Ernie & Bird Market Update

Unfortunately due to Melbourne's wet weekend Ernie & Bird will not be attending the Mornington Twilight Market today. As far as I am aware the market is still going ahead but as I've been sick and have a little one to tow along I don't think it's wise to sit outside in the wet for 6 hours.

HOWEVER! I will definitely be going to the Dingley Craft Market next Sunday so please pop by and say hello if you are in the area!

Have a great weekend :)

17 November 2010

New Range Coming Very Soon...

Ernie & Bird will be at the Mornington Twilight Market on Saturday 27 November. I'm busy preparing stock for this special event and thought I'd make some things outside my comfort zone (and must say I'm very pleased with the result!). I'm just putting the finishing touches on a selection of adorable little dresses that are perfect to wear throughout summer. They will all be listed in the Ernie & Bird Madeit store later this week. Made with designer cotton fabrics, these little 'must haves' make the best dress for 12-18mth and then convert to a very cute smock top for 18mth-2yo. Below is a sneak peak ...

15 November 2010

Monday Madeit Favourites: Lavender Heaven

If I had one last breath in life I would hope it was filled with the scent of lavender. There's something about this amazing herb that I find so invigorating, stimulating, it makes me feel alive! Strangely it is more commonly know for its ability to relax and de-stress... and yes it does that too. One of my goals in life is to own a lavender farm. Could you imagine anything more beautiful? I hope you enjoy these Monday Favourites - what lovely ideas for Christmas this year.

A. Teemoo
B. Edward & Lilly
C. Mecino
D. Ernie & Bird
E. Petes Patch
F. Art & Wool

08 November 2010

Monday Madeit Favourites: Pretty as a Peacock

I love all things peacock. There's something about this magnificent bird that makes me think 'wow! God went above and beyond with this one!'. Here are some gorgeous items featuring peacocks by some very talented Australia designers (and me of course!)...

Etiquette Lesson: Remembering Names

It is both an art and a science. If you weren't born with a talent for remembering, master it by scientific means. It takes discipline and practice but it can be done, even if you are Mr Forgetful or Mrs Absentminded. Here are some techniques that work for some people taken from 'The Penguin Book of Etiquette'...
  • Repeat the name of the person you have just met the moment you shake hands. 'How do you do, George.' Use the name again in the next-but-one sentence 'George, I couldn't agree more.' Don't overdo it though! It can be very irritating!
  • Silently repeat the name of the person you have just met 15 times but do not look as though you are adrift in another world and keep your lips still.
  • If possible, write down the name of the person as soon as you can. Some people have to see a name before they can remember it.
  • Associate the name with a rhyme: George. Georgey Porgey pudding and pie... or Mary. Mary Mary quite contrary. Tom. Tom the Pom. Rod. Rod the God... the list goes on. Make sure any irreverence remains unspoken. 
  • Identify the name with a person by thinking of something striking in that person's appearance: Ruth has red hair; Alan is very tall, Katrina has a fabulous sparkling ring, Joe has a very funny comb-over etc.
Guests who struggle with names are always hoping for a second chance at an introduction to resist embarrassment so a thoughtful host would take an opportunity to repeat people's names in general conversation. 'Sandra, I've seated you next to Heather,' or 'I thought so too, Debra.'

When you are with a friend - say down the street or in a shop - and you are greeted by someone whose name escapes you, on no account disregard your friend when you stop to chatter. You must make some form of introduction. Your best bet are these. Perform a one-way introduction, with 'This is my work colleague Anna Summit,' and hope that the stranger will then introduce themselves to your friend.

13 October 2010

Faith Hope Love: Jewellery by Ernie & Bird

I've spent the past 18 months learning my way around my sewing machine. And after thousands of kilometers of thread and endless seams I decided I needed a new 'hobby' to keep me busy while I'm at home with my little one. I started making some basic jewellery with a message behind it - something pretty to wear that reminds you of something you treasure close to your heart

Faith Hope Love not only includes jewellery with a Christian message, it also symbolises things that make us special as women. Our dreams, our beliefs, our femininity, our values and our love for each other. Hopefully you find something in my range that you'd like to wear - something that brings a smile to your face throughout the day! Below is a sample of the ranges available at Faith Hope Love madeit online store

05 October 2010

Weekly News Break

Unfortunately Ernie & Bird was not at the Fairy Floss Markets last weekend as I hurt my back last Friday and was unable to move let along sew. After a couple of trips to the physio all is well again so here's praying I don't injure it again!

My little family is bogged down with this horrible virus kicking around and after bragging how I 'never get sick' I've caught it and it's absolutely flattened me! It seems as though everyone I know are sick at the moment. At least the weather is trying to warm up a little so we can all get some fresh air and sunlight.

I have listed the little stock I had prepared in the Ernie & Bird madeit store. This includes 6 Hooties and 6 newborn Hootie gift packs. I've also been working on some items for the FaithHopeLove madeit store and am looking forward to listing them soon. Here's a peak at the Hootie gift packs that include a Hootie, newborn applique short-sleeve bodysuit and matching reversible bib.

27 September 2010

Market Wrap - Monkey Markets (Brighton)

Yesterday Ernie & Bird attended the launch market of Monkey Markets in Brighton. It was good to attend a market where I felt more at home and among friends rather than being the only 'new items' stall at the Baby & Kids markets where there are primarily secondhand good for sale and everyone there just want to grab $1 bargains!

I got to see so many amazing stalls yesterday and left feeling totally inspired and encouraged by all the positive feedback received! Considering I've had so many wholesale orders recently, I was a little concerned I didn't have enough stock but managed to sew up a few Hooties the day before so my table looked lovely and colourful! The Faith Hope Love jewellery range was also a hit! More details on that little project coming soon!!

10 September 2010

New accessories range to brighten your day!

Ernie & Bird is pretty much know for sewing beautiful baby items but I've been feeling as though it was time for a change for a little while! Don't get me wrong... I'll still be making the ever-so-popular Hootie Owls but have decided with the change of season some bright accessories will be an ideal gift for birthdays and Christmas. Find these adorable pieces in the Ernie & Bird madeit store.

06 September 2010

Behind the scenes... Father's Day

We've been away in Brisbane for the past few days and have had a lovely time! It's always good to get a break away from the sewing machine and recharge the batteries! We went to Australia Zoo north of Brisbane in Beerwah and I absolutely loved it! If you're ever up that way I highly recommend going - P had a fantastic time and even got to feed an elephant! It's such a hands-on place and the Irwin family have done a marvelous job at educating visitors about all the different animals in Australia and from around the world.

We spent Father's Day in the city and had a delicious meal down at Southbank where they have these fantastic man-made beaches for children to swim and play! What a great idea! Plus there were markets on so it was smiles all round! So P got to spend the day with her daddy, her daddy got to spend the day with his dad and I got to see my dad which was very special. I hope you all enjoyed your Father's Day however you spent it!

31 August 2010

Update from Ernie & Bird HQ

SO much has been happening the past few weeks and it's been hard to keep up with the world! The sewing machine has been going flat out with two wholesale orders for Hootie Owls. These adorable little owlets are on their way to Scamper Hampers by Emmaline and a shop just for owls opening soon...

Then I had a customer request a Hootie in the same colours as 'Hoot' from ABC's Giggle and Hoot children's program. I thought he would be easy enough to make and accepted the order only to discover he was a lot harder to make than I thought and took an entire afternoon to complete!

Now for the really exciting news!!! My very own 'Arty-Farty Craft Room' as my hubby likes to call it has been erected and has a roof and all! He's not just handsome but pretty clever with the tools as well (mind you I mastered the nail gun to construct the thing!) So stay tuned... hopefully there will be walls within the fortnight and I've chosen some really nice stack stone to go on the front with rendered walls. Then we get to decorate inside!!! Exciting times ahead!

24 August 2010

Pakistan Monsoon Floods Appeal 2010

As a result of the horrific floods in Pakistan, 1500 people have died, four million people are homeless and authorities fear for the lives of 3.5 million children who live each day under the ever-present threat of water-borne disease like cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Ernie & Bird will be donating $5 from EVERY SINGLE ORDER placed via eBay and madeit stores from today until the end of August to the Australian Red Cross (You can keep track of the tally on the left)

17 August 2010

Made It Store Up and Running!

Over the past 12 months I have only been selling items through the Ernie & Bird eBay store which has been reasonably successful. However I've recently opened a 'madeit' store to get a feel for the audience and see whether my items will sell well in very different environment to the 'bidding and winning' format of eBay.

I started listing a couple of nursery mobiles (and had a sale) and then listed the new Ernie & Bird Oven Pad range that was for sale through madeit alone. I have so far sold 2 sets and also had the range featured in their official madeit 'Monday New Finds' newsletter that is sent out to all members once a week - you've got to be happy with that!!

So I have been spending the last couple of days listing more items in my madeit store rather that eBay. I know it may be a tad confusing for buyers looking for particular items for the time being - but I am simply testing the waters to see which store is going to be more successful and where more sales are generated - is it impulse buying from people skimming through shopfronts or search results for specific things? Hopefully the next month or so will indicate which store to keep and which one to ditch as it's not very economical to have both.

Above are some new Hootie Pillows that have recently been listed - please say hello to Harriet, Hazel and Hermione! Click here to visit the official Ernie & Bird madeit store!

06 August 2010

Boutique Oven Pads

Ernie & Bird 'High Tea' Oven Pads measure 18cm x 30cm. Constructed with a layer of 100% cotton fabric, Insul-Bright heat-resistant batting, and lined with quilted batting for added protection and comfort. A variety of designs in boutique fabrics are on their way. Custom orders more than welcome. $30 a pair (plus postage).

05 August 2010

What's in a name?

I think 'Ernie & Bird' is a cute and fun name for a children's range of products. It reminds people of Sesame Street and stays in mind, uniquely different to other business names in the world of sewing mums at home. So what is in a name?

'Ernie' is my cat. I've had him for five years now and he's a menace. He is forever bugging me and getting in the way. He's always stinking out the house and kicking his kitty litter everywhere that does my head in. Not to mention he used our leather lounge as a scratching post not long after we bought it and it has small puncture holes and pulled thread up one side. He is a monster. But I love him.

'Bird' is a small black bird with an orange beak that I'm sure followed me when I moved from my home town in the Blue Mountains Western Sydney all the way down to Carrum Downs in Victoria. He then followed me once again as we moved homes within the same neighbourhood and continues to sit outside my kitchen window and keep a watchful eye over me. I joke with my mum that he is my guardian bird... I actually think he may be in the same family as those dreadful Indian Minors but this one is special. So bird was featured in my business name because he was literally sitting in front of me outside the window one sunny day as I was procrastinating over what to label my designs. Lucky bird!

So there you have it. According to my little book The Handmade Marketplace a name should represent something about you, be internet friendly and easy to find, and attract your target market. I think it achieves these goals and I hope you do too!

30 July 2010

New range coming soon!

I've decided to make something for the big people for a change. Ernie & Bird will soon be stocking a range of kitchen accessories to brighten up your home! Oven mitts and gloves along with toaster covers will be in store shortly. Stay tuned! Here's a sneak peak of some designs...

14 July 2010

What makes a great birthday party?

The price of invitations make me gasp. I know handmade takes time - trust me I know this! However charging $4 per invite with a photo of your baby on it adds up real quick. I made my own and it cost me a total of $10 for a pack of 25 sheets of photo paper from the newsagent. I was so happy with the way P's turned out and recommend all mums have a go at creating their own invites with a special photo and a simple theme.

My girlfriends have 12 year old daughters. I recently went to pick one up from a classmate's birthday and found a whole class (plus some) playing in sumo suits being supervised by two staff with hire truck.

I've seen on TV you can have a go kart track and karts come to your home, groups of kids are being ferried around the city in a stretch Hummer sipping lemonade from champagne glasses.... you can even have a professional photographer come to your home with make-up, costumes and even the catwalk included to have fashion shows. Now some of you may think there is nothing wrong with this and it's what children want these days but I don't like it.

I've been thinking a lot about birthday parties, and how much pressure there is on parents in today's society to provide the biggest and best of pretty much everything to their children. I almost got caught up in it you know, then I realised there is far more to a good birthday than the amount of money spent on entertainment (and boy have I heard some horror stories!).

My little P is turning one this week and we are celebrating her first birthday this Sunday. We have invited all our close friends and have family flying interstate to also attend her dedication at church Sunday morning. Now I'm not talking a huge amount of guests but it's still a healthy number for lunch. I went to the party supply people and priced up tray of frozen finger food, researched some cake decorating places for a ladybug cake, helium balloons for decoration etc etc etc... wow. I'm talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

Now I know some people wouldn't blink an eyelid at these figures but I'm standing there watching the dollar signs add up and thinking "She's only 1! The little sweetheart won't even remember it!!!"and as much as I love my family and friends, I honestly don't feel I have anything to prove to them by providing these services!

P doesn't need to be the 'coolest' kid in her class (or our mother's group) and I don't think these over the top parties actually achieve much other than an empty wallet and a spoilt child that no doubt doesn't appreciate it. The scary thing is kids these days are expecting parents to fork out the dough to be satisfied that their party has been 'fun'. God only knows what parents with other one year old's will be expected to deliver in another 10 years time! Now that's a scary thought.

I've decided to think back to how my first birthday would have been celebrated and start from there. I'm talking party pies and sausage rolls, some little boys with tomato sauce, fairy bread and corn chips with salsa. Now for the mains... wait for it.... a sausage straight off the BBQ with some cheese, onion and sauce in a fresh roll.We'll have pass-the-parcel and maybe even play pin the tale on the donkey. There will be no expensive bonbonniere handed out to the guests but replaced with a small lolly bag with some mint leaves, jaffas, milk bottles and maybe even redskins included.

So wish me luck! I'm going back to basics and am honestly really looking forward to it. I think P will have fun and I'm sure our friends' little ones will enjoy the 'entertainment' too. Don't be afraid to do what you want to do and what you can afford to do. Who cares if so-and-so spent X amount on their child's party - some people honestly have more money than sense. It's the love of family and friends that make a good birthday party - and that is what little P will have in abundance!

07 July 2010

There's a party going on around here...

Ernie & Bird turned one this week and what a year it has been! With a beautiful baby girl and launching a little online baby boutique it has been quite an achievement!

In order to celebrate there will be a 'Hip Hip Hooray Birthday Sale' in the Ernie & Bird eBay store commencing at 8PM on Friday 9 July.

So come over and visit the store and pick up a goodie or two and join the Ernie & Bird facebook fan page to see exclusive offers for members only!

In other news there is also a new selection of 8 Hootie designs going to Little Yo Yo next week so keep an eye out for them! Plus the return of an old favourite to the Ernie & Bird eBay store... Hootie Pillows!!!

28 June 2010

New stockist coming soon!

Ernie & Bird is pleased to announce Little Yo Yo Styles as its new stockist of Hootie owls! 8 brand new designs will be in store mid-July so please visit this gorgeous store and have a look!

While I'm busy making Hooties in the evenings my days are full of painting our new home. It always sounds like a fun and exciting venture but about half an hour into it you realise there's a fair bit of hard (and time consuming) work involved and you really have to earn your results! At least once the painting is completed I can start decorating!!! I've been browsing online for a good floor lamp for our new living area and love all the modern lighting available. So spoilt for choice!

There are no markets booked for the near future but the E&B eBay store is full of goodies and currently has a sale on all lavender and wheat Cuddle Bags. Visit

16 June 2010

New Cuddle Bags for Winter...Brrrrr!

Ernie & Bird Cuddle Bags are made with designer cotton and corduroy fabrics and filled with Australian-grown wheat and lavender. They can be used as heat packs that are heated in the microwave or cold packs that are kept in the freezer. Cuddle Bags easily mould to the contour of your body and are perfect to cuddle up on the lounge with, use while traveling or take to bed to keep your tootsies warm! As they are filled with lavender they are an excellent sleep companion and may assist in settling young children and relaxing adults!

Due to the variety or microwaves out there, heating is recommended in 10 second increments to ensure the wheat does not overheat and burn (not a pleasant smell at all!) Cuddle Bags measure approximately 25cm x 20cm. In store now at

15 June 2010

Market Wrap

The Children's Market at Mordialloc at the weekend wasn't exactly what I had hoped for. I think being a long weekend in Victoria the crowds were down and maybe not the best audience for my stall. Don't get me wrong, I got lots of lovely admirers walk past and comment but about 99% of people there were after $1 bargains from all the second-hand retailers (and boy were there lots of bargains - I highly recommended this market if you're expecting!)

I think I made more money from eBay sales as I was sitting at my store than I did on the day! lol... not to worry! Here are some pics from Sunday. I was pretty happy with the overall setup :) Lots of new stock is also being listed today in my eBay store so check it out at

04 June 2010

Mini Collection.... more than just a design

I'm married to a Mini fanatic - and I really do mean fanatic. There are many people out there who are so passionate about these little cars it's not funny. Hubby's order of things is 1. wife 2. daughter 3. Mini 4. cat? Well I don't even know if the cat would be that high on his list of priorities if the house was burning down (but poor kitty would be number 3 on my list so don't stress). The point is hubby's Mini is one of his most prized possessions. He built his first Mini from a wreck to a beautifully restored gem before he was 15. It took centre stage at our wedding and whenever he drives it he has a grin spread from ear-to-ear the whole time. This machine doesn't like to go under 80km/h and is honestly a bastard to drive (almost threw my shoulder out the day I had the privilege - it's rough and it's tough but boy is she breathtaking)

Hubby's Mini is the inspiration behind my latest range for little ones. He's always been able to draw these fantastic cartoons of Minis (no doubt they were all over his school books and ruler) so I thought I'd create an applique out of it for a bodysuit I was making for our bub, who was at that point still in the oven. The applique looked so fantastic that I scanned it and now use it as the base design for my latest prints. I have so many requests to change the colour to suit other Minis that are loved just as much as hubby's where there is obviously a bub in the 'fanatics' family. SO here's some of my new designs - some a bit retro but all can be customised and personalised to make them just as special as the car itself!

01 June 2010

Fridge Magnets Now In Stock!

For something a little different I played around with self-covered fabric button magnets. These are so much fun to make and I've really enjoyed learning this new little skill! Now the challenge is on to find fabrics will small enough prints to use. Oh well... just another excuse to visit the quilting store! By the way - if you happen to live in Melbourne my favourite store to date is Primitive Patches - such a great range of fabrics it's dangerous! Ooohhh... I just looked at their website and please trust me the store is a million times better.

28 May 2010

My Little Princess Bride

As a little girl I used to LOVE playing dress-ups. My favourite was always 'weddings' and my poor sister was always the bridesmaid and never the bride! Our nanna used to work in an Op-Shop and when we visited we were allowed to take some pretty dresses home from the shop and play with them under her carport. The high heels, retro 80s dresses that were all the craze and a bunch of flowers with ribbon fashioned up by nanna. Throw in a couple of gold chain purses over the shoulder and you had yourself a wedding! These are beautiful memories from my childhood and inspired this little idea... 

My Little Princess Bride is a delightful box for a little girl who loves playing dress-ups! Each gift box includes a handmade veil with rosebud headband, a bouquet of roses, wedding checklist and certificate, 4 invitations and a huge diamond ring! Available for purchase from the Ernie & Bird eBay store for $30 plus P&H.

24 May 2010

Garage Sale on all 100% cotton baby bodysuits!

Garage Sale! Purchase $12 baby bodysuits (free P&H) - perfect to wear on their own or under layers. Hurry as they are all the last of their kind! Visit Garage Sale Photo Album and write SOLD under the bodysuit you want to order! While stocks last only.

New look website!

What do you think of my new look? Been up all night trying to fix the mistake of hitting the 'classic template' button and having my hard efforts to date disappear before me! Good thing though because I got the chance to play around with it and make it look pretty :)

News this week is I have a stockist (hoooooray!) who is going to give my Hooties a run and see how they go. This is fabulous news and very exciting. Also means I need to get cracking on my sewing machine and stock up once again. My eBay store has been crazy this weekend and I've only just started the Free Postage sale for 48 hours.

New stock has finally been revealed with library bags / cute totes. Two designs at the moment featuring deers and squirrels in love. Now I've got to get to bed before P wakes up for another feed...

14 May 2010

Q&A with Lis from Ernie & Bird

Summarise your daily routine:
I have a 10 month old who keeps me on my toes 24/7 and is currently waking up in the middle of the night which isn't much fun! I generally get up when P decides it's breakfast time, we do housework, help out at the family business, visit Spotlight to look at all the goodies, do the groceries, cook dinner, etc etc etc! During nap time is when I get to sit down at the sewing machine and I cherish these few hours of the day!

What do you make?
Ernie & Bird started out as applique. I played around with baby bodysuits, bunny rugs and baby bibs. I then started designing my own pattern and expanding into Hootie owl softies, nursery birdy mobiles and recently making heat packs for children and lavender eye pillows for mummys!

How did you get into your craft?
I was bored on maternity leave (6 weeks before due date) and didn't know how to fill my day after working 12 hour days in Melbourne CBD and always being stretched for time. I had a basic machine and I thought I'd make some pretty things up for my bub.... and I never stopped!

Do you have formal training or qualifications in your craft?
No, but I have always had to have a hobby going on the side through most of my life now I think of it! My nanna taught me how to knit and sew at a very young age, I taught myself how to crochet and mosaic. I know all the basics to most things but am really enjoying the road to mastering each skill depending on my mood!

Your favourite materials, tools and processes?
At the moment I am playing around with a yo yo maker. That in itself opens up a whole new world of creating and decorating! I've been playing with baby singlets and cooking aprons which should be for sale soon. I love to work with really 'out there' fabrics and bold prints. We are so spoiled with the amazing selection on the market these days.

What inspires you?
I really love the gorgeous world of toadstools, owls, hedgehogs and deers... it's all so beautiful and graceful. It can suit boys and girls and it really invites you into a world of fantasy. The problem is me and a million other mums are working in this area so I am constantly thinking of ways I can be genuine and original but capture the theme as well.

What's a good small business secret that's helped you?
Facebook! I am absolutely astonished at how quickly the Ernie & Bird brand has got out there. One minute you have 20 fans of kind family and friends supporting you and the next minute you get a post blast on Crafty Mummas and WHAM you have over 200 fans in a matter of minutes! Now I'm trying to hold the attention of followers and hopefully they result in purchases at the end of the day!

Is there a philosophy behind your work?
I think I went a little bit crazy before my very first market and I exhausted myself. I didn't know what to expect and I was scared of being judged and having my art criticised when I had worked so hard over it. At the end of the day (as my hubby reminds me) it's meant to be fun. It's meant to be a way of escaping reality and the daily grind and letting your mind be creative and inventive! I had a small break and now I have the passion and drive to get into it again!

Describe your workspace:
At the moment it's quite dismal! We've moved house this past weekend and I still have boxes to unpack. I am however VERY excited about having a room all to my own for sewing. I am getting a new sewing desk in the next few days and then I can make the room my own and have a little 'retreat' I can hide in and let my mind get to work!

Five words that describe your mind:
Inspired, peaceful, excited, creative and content

What are you currently listening to?
I made a 'mixed tape' playlist on my iPhone of all my favourite songs in the world - yes it took forever to make! But I love it. Every single song makes me feel happy and relaxed. New neighbours must wonder the character of the new mad woman in the court when I get Tim McGraw pumping for a house cleaning sing-a-long!

Recommend an album:
'A Place in the Sun' by Tim McGraw. I love him so much and it's amazing how many people have never even heard of him! Highly recommend downloading :)

Your favourite childhood book?
The Jolly Postman where you open all the envelopes and find different things. P has her own copy which is still wrapped in plastic so she doesn't go eating the mail!

What are you reading now?
Don't get my girlfriends started on this topic! We created a book club 4 months ago and I am yet to read a SINGLE book from our reading list which is a disgrace! If I do read, it's generally a quilting magazine or my Bible on my iPhone! But I am dying to know if Bella ends up marrying Edward in Eclipse!!!

Your hero/heroine:
My mum is the strongest woman I know. I have never seen her fail or show weakness. She just gets on with the job and has dedicated her life to serving others.

A favourite quote:
'Faith, Hope and Love. But the greatest of these is Love'

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a tabby fat cat called Ernie. Yes the namesake of the business. He's mainly an indoor cat and loves to always get in the way no matter what you're doing. But hey, that's what cats do!

If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
The white crayon. I love that you can colour over the top of other colours with it to get new colours. It's clean and can even help smear the mistakes if you go outside the lines :)


07 May 2010

A short pause...

I'm sooo busy lately that it is hard to keep up with my sewing so there is a mini drought on new items! We've had TWO holidays in a month going to New Zealand for an spectacular air show in the South Island PLUS we visited Cairns this week to celebrate my father-in-law's 60th birthday!

We arrived home on Wednesday and now we are moving house this weekend! All very exciting (and exhausting) and time consuming! Unfortunately I have decided to postpone my appearance at the Lilydale Munchkin Markets next weekend and will confirm my next market shortly. Hopefully I'll have enough time to stock up on new and exciting items along with all the faves! (my Hooties and nursery mobiles are pretty much sold out would you believe it!)

Before life turned so crazy I was playing around with a yoyo maker suggested by our friends over at lulufroufrou and decorated some singlets, lavender eye pillows and aprons. So please stay tuned and trust that I am anxious to get back to the machine and continue creating items made with love and care :)

25 March 2010

New Fabrics!

I've found some really cute fabrics on eBay that I just had to buy! I love the stores Hightown Fabrics and Funky Fabrix but my absolute favourite is Felix Loves Fabric and all of these are worth checking out if you have a similar addiction! As you can see, I tend to be drawn to fabrics featuring birds so if you see any good ones around please let me know! Stay tuned for the creations i have in mind for these little treasures!

17 March 2010

New Items Listed on eBay

I have spent the majority of the day listing new items in my eBay store. This is the only place you can purchase my items for now. I have been thinking of creating an account with Made It or Etsy but haven't had a chance to investigate options yet.

I'd really appreciate any feedback you may have on my items - I'm always keen to hear thoughts on other things I could create! I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline but can't really be bothered pulling out the machine just yet - last week's effort took its toll! So have a look in the store and spread the word! If you're happy to, I'd really appreciate it if you could post my Blog/eBay store links on your Facebook profiles to let your friends know! Thanks!

14 March 2010

What a success!

Today was the first 'official' stall for Ernie & Bird at the Mordialloc Festival by the Bay. I'm happy with the day's takings and all the positive feedback received! Hopefully I've made some good connections for the future and have built my small yet valuable customer base! I'm going to take 24 hours off while I try and spend some quality time with my mum who flies back home tomorrow :( I'll have all my new items listed in my eBay store late Tuesday so stay tuned... thanks for all your support!

09 March 2010

Counting down the days!

With only 4 days left to stock up before the market on Sunday I am starting to become a little overwhelmed! I have enough bodysuits and I only sold 2 bibs at the Pearcedale Craft Market so I don't think I need to make many if any) more... but I STILL haven't started sewing up all my Hooties and have only managed to make 5 baby seat belt covers today.

I'm also starting to wonder about prices. You see I look at what it costs me to make these things (and material is NOT cheap) plus labour and so on... so this is what I'm thinking and please do advise if you think I am over or under the 'norm' for these kinds of handmade items...

Baby bodysuits - $20
Double-sided bibs - $15
Children's Cuddle Bags (Heat Packs) - $15
Nursery Mobiles - $28
Hootie Owl Softie - $15
Hootie Owl Pillow - $28
Seat belt covers - $15
Newborn Starter Pack - $45
Lavender Sachets - $8

Good news is my mum is flying down from Sydney tomorrow for a short visit. I'm hanging out for a little help with P so I can get some serious sewing done without my poor teething monster howling at my feet (and trying to eat the pedal). So the plan is to sew sew sew and then go see Alice in Wonderland in gold class with mum as a little reward for my efforts and have a perve on JD :)

04 March 2010

Can you believe I made 26 bibs in a day?

Boy oh boy my kitchen looks CRAZY at the moment! It's been taken over with all of my material and clutter as I prepare for two markets this week. You can't even see the table (hence why I've convinced my gorgeous hubby we need to move house just so I can have a craft room!) So yes, I made 26 bibs (all double-sided) in a single day PLUS have backed up that mammoth achievement with a 4am start this morning to make cuddle bags (a.k.a heat packs/wheat bags or whatever you want to call them!) which I'm now up to number 16 with 6 to go...

I'd like to say I'm almost done with all the sewing but the real dilemma is that I haven't even started sewing up all my Hootie owls or nursery mobiles which are both my big sellers on eBay so I really should take some to the market with me too! Call me crazy but I'm totally loving it - i guess if I don't sell anything I'll be a little bummed but honestly, if it all comes home again P sure will have the finest selection of bibs to chose from! BTW I found this great website full of Aussie made items that all looks so cute and totally inspiring! Check it out at

01 March 2010

New stock for Mordialloc Children's Market!

With less than two weeks to go before the official launch of Ernie & Bird, I am SO busy sewing up lots of lovely delights in hope I have plenty of stock for the big day on Sunday 14th March at the Childrens Market. Please come and see my stall if you are in Victoria!!! I am very nervous but have my fingers and toes crossed that people will like my creations!

As I am super busy at the moment, I have temporarily closed my eBay store until Monday 15 March. The reopening will include all my new items including adorable newborn starter packs featuring appliqued 000 bodysuit, bib and flannelet wrap.

I will also be hosting a stall at the Pearcedale Craft markets this Saturday from 8.30-2pm. If you live out that way please come and say hi. It's only a tiny market in a tiny town so don't expect anything like the Childrens Market. There is really nice local produce for sale and some cute arts and craft stalls from local residents.

10 February 2010

It's official... I'm now going to Markets!

Well to start I have some very exciting news... Ernie & Bird is off to the markets! You will be able to see all my items on display at a couple of markets in March.

Saturday 6th March - Pearcedale Craft Markets, Pearcedale
Sunday 14th March - Mordialloc Festival by the Bay, Mordialloc
I am also thinking of joining the Dingley Craft Markets but will not be putting my name down until we're back from our TWO holidays in May.I really hope you can all come along and support me (and the market of course) as I venture into unknown territory. I've been told the festival is full-on and to be prepared with ample stock so, as you could imagine, I am taking any opportunity I can get to sit down and sew! Couple of new items will be available in my eBay store shortly including children's heat packs/wheat bags filled with lavender, chamomile and peppermint. How relaxing is that!

21 January 2010

How to make a bird mobile

I went shopping in Caterbury's Maling Road with a girlfriend the end of last year and visited this adorable children's gift shop. A gorgeous little bird mobile caught my eye. After close inspection I decided I would be able to make one just as good if not prettier! Feel free to make your own version...

Pick your favourite colour scheme and select 4 different types of material. Roughly sketch a shape of a bird with a small wing and cut out two birds and two wings of each material. You will need to ensure you reverse the bird template for the second bird and wing so you can flip them (as shown below). Sew the wings onto each bird using a different material. I used a zig zag stitch and then also used tic tac to border two of the bird's wings.

Once you have sewn on the wings fold both sides of the bird facing one another. Sew around the outer edge leaving an inch gap at the bottom to allow for stuffing. Turn inside out and iron flat. Stuff each bird (I also placed a bell in each beak so they jingle) then stitch close the seam. Your little birds should now be complete.

Choose a ribbon that suits your colour scheme and using a large needle, thread the ribbon through the birds in your order of preference. Sew the end of the ribbon around a ring or simply tie a bow to hang from. Tie a bell at the other end and you should have an adorable little bird mobile! 

20 January 2010

Toadstool rattle

Experimented today with making a toadstool rattle. I found this fantastic design at LucyKate Crafts and thought I'd give it a go. Pretty happy with the result. Penny seems to enjoy sucking it to death as she works through her 4th tooth for the month (need I say it's now a very soggy toadstool). No lavender this time, just stuffed it with polyfill and threw 4 bells in the head so it jingles and provides some texture for those little gums.

19 January 2010

Hootie Pillows

I received an email from a lovely eBay customer last week enquiring about the possibility to have some 'extra large' Hooties made. I had always wanted to make them available in a larger size so was happy to take on the challenge of making the original design 4 times bigger!

The end result was a series of 4 Hootie pillows to accompany the baby Hooties already available online. I'm super happy with the designs and think they are adorable. I might even make a family of Hooties to purchase in a set of 3 - watch this space!

I have also been looking at attending some local markets along the bay. I can't believe Mathilda Market is charging $220 per stall - I'd literally have to sell 10 bodysuits just to break even. So I think I'll start small and put my name down for the Frankston and Dingley Village markets in a month or so. I have a few more creative ideas running through my head so might experiment with some concepts over the next few weeks and see what I can churn out!

13 January 2010

Hootie Owls

My 2010 resolution was to make sure I get to some markets this year and try and earn some pocket money for myself now I've joined the 'stay at home mum' brigade. So I've created a Blog to sit alongside my eBay store to (hopefully) generate a little more interest in my business. Ernie and Bird was the outcome of going on maternity leave 6 months ago when I was awaiting the birth of my first child - a beautiful daughter 'Penny' born in July 2009.
All of my items are available for purchase from my eBay store Ernie and Bird at
Pictured below are my gorgeous 'Hootie' Owl filled with hobby fill stuffing and dried lavender. Hooties are the perfect size for little ones to cuddle and squeeze plus they have little jingle bells in their ears to keep them amused. As they are filled with lavender they are an excellent sleep companion and may assist in settling young children and relaxing adults! All of the material is machine sewn and there are no buttons or thread that may cause choking hazards. Hooties are also great for big kids to keep in delicates draw, luggage or anywhere the scent of lavender can fill the air! Hooties measure approximately 10cm x 15cm.