19 January 2010

Hootie Pillows

I received an email from a lovely eBay customer last week enquiring about the possibility to have some 'extra large' Hooties made. I had always wanted to make them available in a larger size so was happy to take on the challenge of making the original design 4 times bigger!

The end result was a series of 4 Hootie pillows to accompany the baby Hooties already available online. I'm super happy with the designs and think they are adorable. I might even make a family of Hooties to purchase in a set of 3 - watch this space!

I have also been looking at attending some local markets along the bay. I can't believe Mathilda Market is charging $220 per stall - I'd literally have to sell 10 bodysuits just to break even. So I think I'll start small and put my name down for the Frankston and Dingley Village markets in a month or so. I have a few more creative ideas running through my head so might experiment with some concepts over the next few weeks and see what I can churn out!

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