31 August 2010

Update from Ernie & Bird HQ

SO much has been happening the past few weeks and it's been hard to keep up with the world! The sewing machine has been going flat out with two wholesale orders for Hootie Owls. These adorable little owlets are on their way to Scamper Hampers by Emmaline and a shop just for owls opening soon...

Then I had a customer request a Hootie in the same colours as 'Hoot' from ABC's Giggle and Hoot children's program. I thought he would be easy enough to make and accepted the order only to discover he was a lot harder to make than I thought and took an entire afternoon to complete!

Now for the really exciting news!!! My very own 'Arty-Farty Craft Room' as my hubby likes to call it has been erected and has a roof and all! He's not just handsome but pretty clever with the tools as well (mind you I mastered the nail gun to construct the thing!) So stay tuned... hopefully there will be walls within the fortnight and I've chosen some really nice stack stone to go on the front with rendered walls. Then we get to decorate inside!!! Exciting times ahead!

24 August 2010

Pakistan Monsoon Floods Appeal 2010

As a result of the horrific floods in Pakistan, 1500 people have died, four million people are homeless and authorities fear for the lives of 3.5 million children who live each day under the ever-present threat of water-borne disease like cholera, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Ernie & Bird will be donating $5 from EVERY SINGLE ORDER placed via eBay and madeit stores from today until the end of August to the Australian Red Cross (You can keep track of the tally on the left)

17 August 2010

Made It Store Up and Running!

Over the past 12 months I have only been selling items through the Ernie & Bird eBay store which has been reasonably successful. However I've recently opened a 'madeit' store to get a feel for the audience and see whether my items will sell well in very different environment to the 'bidding and winning' format of eBay.

I started listing a couple of nursery mobiles (and had a sale) and then listed the new Ernie & Bird Oven Pad range that was for sale through madeit alone. I have so far sold 2 sets and also had the range featured in their official madeit 'Monday New Finds' newsletter that is sent out to all members once a week - you've got to be happy with that!!

So I have been spending the last couple of days listing more items in my madeit store rather that eBay. I know it may be a tad confusing for buyers looking for particular items for the time being - but I am simply testing the waters to see which store is going to be more successful and where more sales are generated - is it impulse buying from people skimming through shopfronts or search results for specific things? Hopefully the next month or so will indicate which store to keep and which one to ditch as it's not very economical to have both.

Above are some new Hootie Pillows that have recently been listed - please say hello to Harriet, Hazel and Hermione! Click here to visit the official Ernie & Bird madeit store!

06 August 2010

Boutique Oven Pads

Ernie & Bird 'High Tea' Oven Pads measure 18cm x 30cm. Constructed with a layer of 100% cotton fabric, Insul-Bright heat-resistant batting, and lined with quilted batting for added protection and comfort. A variety of designs in boutique fabrics are on their way. Custom orders more than welcome. $30 a pair (plus postage).

05 August 2010

What's in a name?

I think 'Ernie & Bird' is a cute and fun name for a children's range of products. It reminds people of Sesame Street and stays in mind, uniquely different to other business names in the world of sewing mums at home. So what is in a name?

'Ernie' is my cat. I've had him for five years now and he's a menace. He is forever bugging me and getting in the way. He's always stinking out the house and kicking his kitty litter everywhere that does my head in. Not to mention he used our leather lounge as a scratching post not long after we bought it and it has small puncture holes and pulled thread up one side. He is a monster. But I love him.

'Bird' is a small black bird with an orange beak that I'm sure followed me when I moved from my home town in the Blue Mountains Western Sydney all the way down to Carrum Downs in Victoria. He then followed me once again as we moved homes within the same neighbourhood and continues to sit outside my kitchen window and keep a watchful eye over me. I joke with my mum that he is my guardian bird... I actually think he may be in the same family as those dreadful Indian Minors but this one is special. So bird was featured in my business name because he was literally sitting in front of me outside the window one sunny day as I was procrastinating over what to label my designs. Lucky bird!

So there you have it. According to my little book The Handmade Marketplace a name should represent something about you, be internet friendly and easy to find, and attract your target market. I think it achieves these goals and I hope you do too!