25 March 2010

New Fabrics!

I've found some really cute fabrics on eBay that I just had to buy! I love the stores Hightown Fabrics and Funky Fabrix but my absolute favourite is Felix Loves Fabric and all of these are worth checking out if you have a similar addiction! As you can see, I tend to be drawn to fabrics featuring birds so if you see any good ones around please let me know! Stay tuned for the creations i have in mind for these little treasures!

17 March 2010

New Items Listed on eBay

I have spent the majority of the day listing new items in my eBay store. This is the only place you can purchase my items for now. I have been thinking of creating an account with Made It or Etsy but haven't had a chance to investigate options yet.

I'd really appreciate any feedback you may have on my items - I'm always keen to hear thoughts on other things I could create! I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline but can't really be bothered pulling out the machine just yet - last week's effort took its toll! So have a look in the store and spread the word! If you're happy to, I'd really appreciate it if you could post my Blog/eBay store links on your Facebook profiles to let your friends know! Thanks!

14 March 2010

What a success!

Today was the first 'official' stall for Ernie & Bird at the Mordialloc Festival by the Bay. I'm happy with the day's takings and all the positive feedback received! Hopefully I've made some good connections for the future and have built my small yet valuable customer base! I'm going to take 24 hours off while I try and spend some quality time with my mum who flies back home tomorrow :( I'll have all my new items listed in my eBay store late Tuesday so stay tuned... thanks for all your support!

09 March 2010

Counting down the days!

With only 4 days left to stock up before the market on Sunday I am starting to become a little overwhelmed! I have enough bodysuits and I only sold 2 bibs at the Pearcedale Craft Market so I don't think I need to make many if any) more... but I STILL haven't started sewing up all my Hooties and have only managed to make 5 baby seat belt covers today.

I'm also starting to wonder about prices. You see I look at what it costs me to make these things (and material is NOT cheap) plus labour and so on... so this is what I'm thinking and please do advise if you think I am over or under the 'norm' for these kinds of handmade items...

Baby bodysuits - $20
Double-sided bibs - $15
Children's Cuddle Bags (Heat Packs) - $15
Nursery Mobiles - $28
Hootie Owl Softie - $15
Hootie Owl Pillow - $28
Seat belt covers - $15
Newborn Starter Pack - $45
Lavender Sachets - $8

Good news is my mum is flying down from Sydney tomorrow for a short visit. I'm hanging out for a little help with P so I can get some serious sewing done without my poor teething monster howling at my feet (and trying to eat the pedal). So the plan is to sew sew sew and then go see Alice in Wonderland in gold class with mum as a little reward for my efforts and have a perve on JD :)

04 March 2010

Can you believe I made 26 bibs in a day?

Boy oh boy my kitchen looks CRAZY at the moment! It's been taken over with all of my material and clutter as I prepare for two markets this week. You can't even see the table (hence why I've convinced my gorgeous hubby we need to move house just so I can have a craft room!) So yes, I made 26 bibs (all double-sided) in a single day PLUS have backed up that mammoth achievement with a 4am start this morning to make cuddle bags (a.k.a heat packs/wheat bags or whatever you want to call them!) which I'm now up to number 16 with 6 to go...

I'd like to say I'm almost done with all the sewing but the real dilemma is that I haven't even started sewing up all my Hootie owls or nursery mobiles which are both my big sellers on eBay so I really should take some to the market with me too! Call me crazy but I'm totally loving it - i guess if I don't sell anything I'll be a little bummed but honestly, if it all comes home again P sure will have the finest selection of bibs to chose from! BTW I found this great website full of Aussie made items that all looks so cute and totally inspiring! Check it out at

01 March 2010

New stock for Mordialloc Children's Market!

With less than two weeks to go before the official launch of Ernie & Bird, I am SO busy sewing up lots of lovely delights in hope I have plenty of stock for the big day on Sunday 14th March at the Childrens Market. Please come and see my stall if you are in Victoria!!! I am very nervous but have my fingers and toes crossed that people will like my creations!

As I am super busy at the moment, I have temporarily closed my eBay store until Monday 15 March. The reopening will include all my new items including adorable newborn starter packs featuring appliqued 000 bodysuit, bib and flannelet wrap.

I will also be hosting a stall at the Pearcedale Craft markets this Saturday from 8.30-2pm. If you live out that way please come and say hi. It's only a tiny market in a tiny town so don't expect anything like the Childrens Market. There is really nice local produce for sale and some cute arts and craft stalls from local residents.