15 June 2010

Market Wrap

The Children's Market at Mordialloc at the weekend wasn't exactly what I had hoped for. I think being a long weekend in Victoria the crowds were down and maybe not the best audience for my stall. Don't get me wrong, I got lots of lovely admirers walk past and comment but about 99% of people there were after $1 bargains from all the second-hand retailers (and boy were there lots of bargains - I highly recommended this market if you're expecting!)

I think I made more money from eBay sales as I was sitting at my store than I did on the day! lol... not to worry! Here are some pics from Sunday. I was pretty happy with the overall setup :) Lots of new stock is also being listed today in my eBay store so check it out at

1 comment:

  1. Lis the stall looks lovely. Perseverance is the key!