27 November 2010

Ernie & Bird Market Update

Unfortunately due to Melbourne's wet weekend Ernie & Bird will not be attending the Mornington Twilight Market today. As far as I am aware the market is still going ahead but as I've been sick and have a little one to tow along I don't think it's wise to sit outside in the wet for 6 hours.

HOWEVER! I will definitely be going to the Dingley Craft Market next Sunday so please pop by and say hello if you are in the area!

Have a great weekend :)

17 November 2010

New Range Coming Very Soon...

Ernie & Bird will be at the Mornington Twilight Market on Saturday 27 November. I'm busy preparing stock for this special event and thought I'd make some things outside my comfort zone (and must say I'm very pleased with the result!). I'm just putting the finishing touches on a selection of adorable little dresses that are perfect to wear throughout summer. They will all be listed in the Ernie & Bird Madeit store later this week. Made with designer cotton fabrics, these little 'must haves' make the best dress for 12-18mth and then convert to a very cute smock top for 18mth-2yo. Below is a sneak peak ...

15 November 2010

Monday Madeit Favourites: Lavender Heaven

If I had one last breath in life I would hope it was filled with the scent of lavender. There's something about this amazing herb that I find so invigorating, stimulating, it makes me feel alive! Strangely it is more commonly know for its ability to relax and de-stress... and yes it does that too. One of my goals in life is to own a lavender farm. Could you imagine anything more beautiful? I hope you enjoy these Monday Favourites - what lovely ideas for Christmas this year.

A. Teemoo
B. Edward & Lilly
C. Mecino
D. Ernie & Bird
E. Petes Patch
F. Art & Wool

08 November 2010

Monday Madeit Favourites: Pretty as a Peacock

I love all things peacock. There's something about this magnificent bird that makes me think 'wow! God went above and beyond with this one!'. Here are some gorgeous items featuring peacocks by some very talented Australia designers (and me of course!)...

Etiquette Lesson: Remembering Names

It is both an art and a science. If you weren't born with a talent for remembering, master it by scientific means. It takes discipline and practice but it can be done, even if you are Mr Forgetful or Mrs Absentminded. Here are some techniques that work for some people taken from 'The Penguin Book of Etiquette'...
  • Repeat the name of the person you have just met the moment you shake hands. 'How do you do, George.' Use the name again in the next-but-one sentence 'George, I couldn't agree more.' Don't overdo it though! It can be very irritating!
  • Silently repeat the name of the person you have just met 15 times but do not look as though you are adrift in another world and keep your lips still.
  • If possible, write down the name of the person as soon as you can. Some people have to see a name before they can remember it.
  • Associate the name with a rhyme: George. Georgey Porgey pudding and pie... or Mary. Mary Mary quite contrary. Tom. Tom the Pom. Rod. Rod the God... the list goes on. Make sure any irreverence remains unspoken. 
  • Identify the name with a person by thinking of something striking in that person's appearance: Ruth has red hair; Alan is very tall, Katrina has a fabulous sparkling ring, Joe has a very funny comb-over etc.
Guests who struggle with names are always hoping for a second chance at an introduction to resist embarrassment so a thoughtful host would take an opportunity to repeat people's names in general conversation. 'Sandra, I've seated you next to Heather,' or 'I thought so too, Debra.'

When you are with a friend - say down the street or in a shop - and you are greeted by someone whose name escapes you, on no account disregard your friend when you stop to chatter. You must make some form of introduction. Your best bet are these. Perform a one-way introduction, with 'This is my work colleague Anna Summit,' and hope that the stranger will then introduce themselves to your friend.