10 February 2010

It's official... I'm now going to Markets!

Well to start I have some very exciting news... Ernie & Bird is off to the markets! You will be able to see all my items on display at a couple of markets in March.

Saturday 6th March - Pearcedale Craft Markets, Pearcedale
Sunday 14th March - Mordialloc Festival by the Bay, Mordialloc
I am also thinking of joining the Dingley Craft Markets but will not be putting my name down until we're back from our TWO holidays in May.I really hope you can all come along and support me (and the market of course) as I venture into unknown territory. I've been told the festival is full-on and to be prepared with ample stock so, as you could imagine, I am taking any opportunity I can get to sit down and sew! Couple of new items will be available in my eBay store shortly including children's heat packs/wheat bags filled with lavender, chamomile and peppermint. How relaxing is that!

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