28 May 2010

My Little Princess Bride

As a little girl I used to LOVE playing dress-ups. My favourite was always 'weddings' and my poor sister was always the bridesmaid and never the bride! Our nanna used to work in an Op-Shop and when we visited we were allowed to take some pretty dresses home from the shop and play with them under her carport. The high heels, retro 80s dresses that were all the craze and a bunch of flowers with ribbon fashioned up by nanna. Throw in a couple of gold chain purses over the shoulder and you had yourself a wedding! These are beautiful memories from my childhood and inspired this little idea... 

My Little Princess Bride is a delightful box for a little girl who loves playing dress-ups! Each gift box includes a handmade veil with rosebud headband, a bouquet of roses, wedding checklist and certificate, 4 invitations and a huge diamond ring! Available for purchase from the Ernie & Bird eBay store for $30 plus P&H.

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