31 August 2010

Update from Ernie & Bird HQ

SO much has been happening the past few weeks and it's been hard to keep up with the world! The sewing machine has been going flat out with two wholesale orders for Hootie Owls. These adorable little owlets are on their way to Scamper Hampers by Emmaline and a shop just for owls opening soon...

Then I had a customer request a Hootie in the same colours as 'Hoot' from ABC's Giggle and Hoot children's program. I thought he would be easy enough to make and accepted the order only to discover he was a lot harder to make than I thought and took an entire afternoon to complete!

Now for the really exciting news!!! My very own 'Arty-Farty Craft Room' as my hubby likes to call it has been erected and has a roof and all! He's not just handsome but pretty clever with the tools as well (mind you I mastered the nail gun to construct the thing!) So stay tuned... hopefully there will be walls within the fortnight and I've chosen some really nice stack stone to go on the front with rendered walls. Then we get to decorate inside!!! Exciting times ahead!

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  1. Oh, HOW exciting!! (have you got a permit for that?)