27 June 2014

First World Problem: Baby Clothes

When I had my eldest daughter I kept every piece of clothing she outgrew labelled in big plastic tubs and stored away in our garage. I must admit when I had my second daughter 14 months ago I thought, "You beauty! I won't need to buy a single thing!". And to be honest, I haven't really bought many new things - but I have found I've hardly needed to tap into my storage tubs carefully horded away for five years waiting for this specific moment in time!

I like to think of myself as one that doesn't like to 'spoil' or go on excessive shopping sprees coming home with bags of new clothes that may fit for a month or two (if lucky)! But looking at my ridiculous amount of baby clothes in storage ranging from newborn through to size 3 I ask myself, "How on earth did I accumulate so much??"

I have no problem sending stuff off to the local 'Vinnies' store on a regular basis. I'm BIG for de-cluttering whenever I can. Not just when I have too, but actually enjoy the outcome of knowing that what's hidden behind closed doors won't jump out at you if you open it! Plus I find housework relaxes me, "Come over to my place I hear you yell!" and I would if I was invited and would thoroughly enjoy it! So this week my ambition has been to sort through every single tub, donate what I don't have some sort of sentimental attachment to, and 'pay it forward' to someone who actually needs baby clothes. Let's face it, they are all in pretty good nick and are definitely unworthy of my husband's search for spare rags to use in his garage!

The issue I am finding however, is that I seem to have some sort of sentimental attachment to pretty much everything my daughter once wore. I guess it just reminds me how much she has grown and as much as I love her to pieces, I also miss the tiny baby she once was. And this makes me sad. Luckily I have a second daughter! Woohoo! And I can re-experience all the wonderful things I enjoyed raising my first little bub into a big girl who is almost ready for school. And that is the really exciting part. Being able to love and guide my baby girls as they grow into beautiful children that make mummy very proud.

God help me when it comes to de-cluttering every piece of artwork I have tucked neatly away!

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