01 May 2014

Olive's Teddy Bears Picnic

Teddy Bears at the Beach Birthday Cake
Children's birthday parties.... just the mere thought of throwing a birthday party fills most mums with anxiety and overwhelming exhaustion! I hosted a BIG first birthday for my eldest daughter five years ago inviting pretty much everyone we knew and celebrating in our backyard. Plus she also had a rather large 4th birthday party last year that was probably a little over-the-top looking back. But hey, you're only four once!

So taking these two "events" into account, I thought it was only fair to do the same for my second daughter (to try and prove the second child doesn't get forgotten with less parties, less photos, less one-on-one play time, less fuss etc!) To be honest I didn't really have much enthusiasm to pull it all together but I sure am glad I did. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and beautiful memories were made!

I decided on a 'Teddy Bears Picnic' because the theory was to have something simple down at the local park so all I had to do was buy some sausages and throw all the used napkins into a plastic garbage bag and walk away. Hahahahahha..... yeah that didn't happen. We ended up inviting all her little friends to our home and were blessed with the most beautiful sunny day in a very cold and miserable week! Luckily I have a very clever girlfriend who made the little Tiny Teddy racing cars and tea cups for me, plus my aunt made some special Honey Crackles for the little bears to enjoy! The bigger bears LOVED my gourmet sausage BBQ with home made onion relish. Such an easy way to feed a crowd on a crisp Sunday afternoon!

I also made all my own decorations using my Photoshop that I was given for Christmas (but I'll write something about that experience another time!). So here's to Olive. A beautiful and serious little bub who has bought nothing but joy and happiness to our dear little family. Happy Birthday sweetheart. Mummy loves you

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