15 June 2012

Sensational Six: Lovely Lavender

 Ernie & Bird is sponsor of the week over at the Handmade Cooperative! Written by crafters for shoppers, the "Coop" delivers a weekly post of the latest products out in the handcraft market place, as offered by dedicated artisans. An intriguing central theme tells an interesting story each week and help you to put together a look for your child; be it their clothes, accessories, rooms, and more!

Below is my pick of beautiful products from Madeit for this week's Sensational Six theme 'Lovely Lavender'...

I read once that if you have more than six books on your bookshelf on a particular topic or theme, that is your 'passion'. I have 10 books on lavender so I guess you could say my passion is more of a lavender obsession! What are you 'passionate' about judging by what's on your bookshelf? I hope you enjoy my selection of products...

From left to right:

Baby Massage Oil with Lavender by Sniff This! $11.95
Lavender Essential Oil Soap by Seed Skin Care $5.00

Lavender Dahlia Filigree Ring by TrinkArts $12.00
Lavender Sachets by Hip Brown Homewares $12.00

Lavender Eye Pillow by Ernie & Bird $12.00
Lavender Series Print by Avonlea Photography $6.00 

Ernie & Bird is a collection of handmade boutique products including a jewellery line called 'Faith Hope Love'. You can visit both online stores and my Facebook page via the links below: