15 June 2011

Cuddle Bags Galore!

I've been selling so many Ernie & Bird Cuddle Bags over the last few weeks that I've just listed another 50 designs in my madeit and eBay stores! They are all one-of-a-kind so grab one today for only $15ea!

Important Instructions
  • Do not overheat this product
  • Some medical conditions may require advice from a health professional before application
  • Take extra care when using with children, disabled, elderly, ill or sleeping recipients
Directions of Use (Hot)
  • Heat this product in a domestic microwave on high in 10 second increments to ensure you do not overheat the wheat and burn it
  • To avoid the possibility of localised hot spots, place your entire product in a shallow, microwavable container in the centre of the microwave plate
  • Ensure the microwave turntable can rotate freely
  • As heating can continue once the product is taken out of the microwave, shake the Cuddle Bag and test heat before fully applying
  • Use caution when reheating the product to avoid burning the wheat
  • Do not wash this product – if it becomes accidentally wet, dry in full sunshine. The product will not work effectively if the wheat is wet
  • If the product has a dry, roasted smell it has been overheated which will shorten the life of the product. Please discard the product

Directions of Use (Cold)
  • Place the product in a plastic freezer bag and freeze for 1-2 hours. Apply to body after taking out of bag
  • As a cold pack, this product is very useful for the minimisation of heat stress or high temperature


  1. Cool - now where's my hootie?

  2. OMG Donna I totally forgot!! I'll make them up next week. Sorry! :)

  3. Hooray! CAuse BabiEs are being born!